Are you are planning a day hike, light backpacking, or running along your favorite trail in the forest, caring your feet is essential. During your trek, shoes play an important role. A perfect pair of shoes can feel like an extension of your feet and a bad pair can feel like thorns on your feet. So, how do you choose the perfect shoes?

Different shoes are suitable for different kinds of treks, depending on the weather, Comfort, Stability, Durability, Weight, Warmth, Water resistance and/or breathability as well as the duration of the trek. The ever-increasing number of choices of trekking shoes makes choosing very hard for a trekker.

Before making a choice, be mindful of the different types of trekking shoes and boots for men and women.

  • Hiking Shoes: Hiking shoes are a lot like trail running shoes. They are meant for short treks like one day or weekend. They are lightweight and have flexible soles. When you don’t have to carry heavy loads these shoes are the right choice.  They are superb for warm weather and dry terrain. Many models are offered in both
    waterproof and non-waterproof options.

  • Trek Boots: These are high-end versions of hiking boots. They have added upkeep for your ankles and feet. The upper part of boots is usually leather, suede or synthetic. The constructions are stiffer too. Trek boots are best for those looking to do longer treks, usually a week long, which include carrying have loads. When
    you are prone to occasional slips and twisted ankles, Trek boots provide excellent support for leg muscles on rough terrain. These boots are ideal for snow, rain and are moderately water resistant.


  • Expedition Boots: These boots are considered for trekkers heading for stimulating treks that include tricky glacial traverses, pass crossings, and so on. These treks best last longer, sometimes more than ten days. The boots have more aggressive and thicker out-soles. The fabric used in these boots is more robust too. They have an insole padding which helps in cushioning the feet. These boots are more expensive, with prices starting upwards of Rs. 8,000 are rarely available in India.

Things to keep in mind while choosing Trekking Shoes

The most important thing for you is fit. Mostly, it is suggested that women wear women’s specific boots, but if you have a precise foot shape that makes the men’s version more comfortable for you, go with that!

Conversely, there are things you should definitely focus on, including:

  • Comfort
  • Stability
  • Durability
  • Weight
  • Warmth
  • Water resistance and/or breathability


The above information can help you go a long way in your search for the perfect pair of hiking shoes, Wear your shoes for about a week or so to break them in. Take the time to get the exact pair for you — there are dozens of manufacturers to pick from and manifold lines within each one. Don't let your footwear spoil your coming trip, and have a fun and comfortable time out there! Happy trekking!