Different Ways to Deal with Leeches While on Trekking

Trekking is something adventures, every person would love to go for trekking at least once in his/her life. But trekking needs some patience and previous knowledge. Trekking is usually difficult for first timers because they may not be sure about what to take when going for trekking and how to handle difficult situations. So, it is
always good to seek knowledge from a person who has previous experience in trekking.

One of the major problems while on trekking is dealing with leeches. Since the area of trekking is a high-altitude region, the presence of leech is sure in those places. The Western Ghats can be seen crowded with leeches during monsoon. Leeches are mostly seen in places with more moisture content and they latch trekkers to feed on warm blood. Let’s see how to deal with leeches while on trekking.

Stay calm

First of all when leeches latch onto our body try to stay calm and don’t panic. Remove them properly

Try to remove them properly from your body, by removing their body first and then removing its suckers. Don’t pull it off quickly it may cause further damage to your skin.
Dispose of it quickly before it bites you again.

Clean the Area

Once the tracking is over clean the blood from the bitten area and tries to apply ointments or coconut oil in it. Try to cover the area with the help of Band-Aid.

Try to Avoid Further Itching

To avoid itching of the bitten area try to apply some antiseptic like turmeric with coconut oil or tobacco powder with castor oil.

Be Cautious

Try to be cautious without scratching on the affected area and causing further bleeding. Scratching may give you a permanent scar.

Precautions to Be Taken To Avoid Leech Bite

•    Always try to put down your pants inside your socks. Try to cover yourself maximum to avoid exposure of the body, so that you can save yourself against leeches. Remember to tuck your shirt inside your pants.

•    Never try to detach leech from your body using the salt, because this may cause skin infection as the fluid inside the leech’s body may come in contact with your wound.

•    While on trekking just try to keep walking don’t lean on trees or any places, as there are chances for the leech to crawl on to your body. If you want to rest, rest on a dry place.

•     If you have to remove the leeches, don’t spend more time by standing at the same place, because there are chances that the leech me reattach your body.

•    If you want to remove the leech from your body, try looking for a spot that is dry or a place with sunlight. When you try to remove them at a place that is not clean there are chances of the leech to crawl on to your body.

•    Always remember to wear double layered socks.

By following all the steps mention above, you can enjoy your trekking without dealing with the problem of leeches. And while you are on trekking always remember to share this information with your fellow trekking mates.