Trekking involves more physical work. During trekking we keep climbing, it’s a kind of work out to our body. Since we are doing it for a hours, a large amount of water content from a body will be lost. So, it is very necessary to keep our body hydrated while we are on trekking. We should make sure that our body has enough water content or otherwise it will affect our health badly.

When we are climbing up there will be short of oxygen since it is a high-altitude region. This affects our breathing, so our body starts to dehydrate. Keeping our body hydrated is a crucial thing why we are on trekking. So, we should take utmost care while we are eating or drinking when we are on a trek. There are several things that we
can do to keep our body hydrated and this includes.

Begin your day with water Start your day by drinking water in the empty stomach when you wake up. Drink water again after an hour or two. Keep drinking water at regular intervals while on trekking. Say no to Caffeine drinks

While you are going for trekking, don’t consume drinks containing caffeine like coffee or cola or any other carbonated drinks. Drinks with caffeine may lead to dehydration of the body.

Keep the body hydrated if the climate is hot

While doing heavy workouts during trekking or if the climate is too hot try to drink one-quarter of water
within an interval of every 30 minutes. Replacing energy drinks

When you are going for trekking replace a portion of your water intake with energy drinks like electrolyte or any other sports drink. These drinks can help you to keep your
body hydrated for a little longer.

Keep drinking water even after trekking When you return to a camp after trekking, keep drink water to compensate the amount of water you have already lost while you were trekking.

Intake foods with more Sodium and Potassium content

When you are going for trekking, pack foods with more Sodium and Potassium content. Foods with sodium and potassium content helps to keep your body hydrated. You can include foods like Banana, Citrus Fruit and drinks lemonade, orange juice, tomato juice etc.

Frequently check your hydration level

Keep accessing your hydration level at intervals by checking whether you are feeling dizziness, increased heart rate, weakness, fatigue etc. By checking this, you can keep
your body hydrated by consuming the required amount of water at frequent intervals.

Keep a hydration pack

Try to keep a hydration pack by replacing your water bottle. With the help of the hydration pack, you can keep sipping the water without stopping it. You can also keep an extra bottle of water apart from the water provided in your trekking package.

These are the things that should be considered to keep your body hydrated while you are on a trek. By following this you can avoid your body from getting dehydrated and thereby improving your health.