A healthy body is a valuable asset a person can possess. It is a very important factor if you are someone who loves sports, traveling, etc. If you have plans to go for a trek
this vacation or in the near future, make sure you own a healthy body. Many conditions including post-surgery effects can spoil your trek, unhealthy conditions or injuries related to the knees is one among them.

Here is a piece of knowledge that will guide you if you are suffering from any kind of knee injury.

Knee Injuries

The most common knee injuries are:

•    Hard fall leading to Patella fracture.

•    Dislocation of knees causing the tear of MCL and LCL.

•    Sharp twist causing ACL tear and Meniscal tear.

•    Quadriceps Tendons tear caused by a number of reasons like running, falling, jumping, etc.

Tips To Recover From Knee Injury

Whatever injury you may have experienced, it is advisable to go for professional medical aid. Once you have done with that, then you can follow the below rehab tips.

•    Myofascial Release

This is something the gym goers are familiar with. This is a kind of therapy and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF), trigger point therapy, foam rolling are a few of Myofascial techniques. Some of them argue that foam rolling never improves the knee condition, but some studies reveal that it can have a good effect on the movement of the knee and lowers the pain.

•    Stretching

Stretching is of different types, the four important ones are dynamic, static, PNF and ballistic. Usually while recovering from a knee injury, one might have undergone static stretching so many times. Yes, of course, it may do help, trying to touch your toes by coming down. But the most effective one is the PNF. Your partner should
straighten your legs while you lie down and raises it. Flex it after 10 seconds and apply pressure on the other person, continue to do so for about 10 seconds and relax.

•    Improve Knee Strength

The above methods will help you to improve the motion of your joint. Indeed the motion of your joint is important to recover from the knee injury once you are planning for a trek. The knee joint is a type of hinge joints which only allows the forward and backward movement. A simple exercise that helps to strengthen the hinge joint is the wall squat. In the beginning, do a slight bending of the knee and as you progress, you may go deep till you strengthen your joint.

•    Knee Stability

A knee joint is a hinge joint, as said, but it is sometimes known as ‘slave joint’ too. This is because the movement of the knee joint is dictated by the hip joint, which in turn is a ball and socket joint and has a wide range of motion.

To have good knee stability, a strong hip bone is necessary. A Pointing Dog exercise will help you to get a better range of motion for your knee.

•    Maintain Proper Body Weight

The first advice any physician will give you is to shed unnecessary weight. Burn more calories with proper exercise and lower the extra fat. Less fat gives less pressure to
the knees and keeps it strong.

•    Rest More

Get good sleep because it is while sleeping the protein synthesis goes high in muscles. The increase in protein synthesis, in turn, increases the development of leg muscles. Another additional factor is the production of Human Growth Hormone, which helps in quick healing. Taking rest for a quality time will assure you a good recovery from the knee injury you had and make your trek pain-free.

These are some useful tips to recover from your knee injury before you start your trek. But still, it is advisable to meet your physician so that he can assist you in a better way.