So for the first time, you are planning for a trek. Trekking is fun and enjoyable if you are completely prepared.

Trekking does not always mean to climb a few steps and to reach the
peak. It involves climbing up steep pathways, jumping and crossing the
waterfalls and streams, spending the night without electricity and so on.

The extent of how well you enjoyed the trek depends on how well you prepared. Therefore getting some tips
and advice before you start makes your exploration simple. Here is a list of
tips that the first time trekkers must take care of to make their experience
comfortable and safe.

  • Start from an easy trek – this is one among the important
    tips for the first time trekkers. it will be a wise decision to start your
    trekking from an easy one so that you can enjoy it instead of causing accidents
    choosing tough ones.
  • Stay Fit – before you start your trek, take care of your
    physical stability. You may suffer from dysentery, headache, bad blisters etc.
    inform your trek guide about it if it happens.
  • Do deep research – research about the location, climate and
    every possible aspect of trekking.
  • Light backpack – don’t fill your backpack with all kind of
    stuff. Sort out the most wanted things for you and pack it up. This includes
    clothes, water bottles, and medicines. Remember this tip and try not to overload
    your backpack because it can pull you down during steep climbs and make you
    burn extra calories.
  • Water resistant trekking shoes – always wear water-resistant
    trekking shoes while you are out for a trek. Trekking shoes will help you while
    climbing by providing proper grip. You can comfortably cross the waterfalls and
    streams with the water-resistant trekking shoes.
  • Cotton pants – include extra pairs of cotton pants in your
    packing list that dries up easily. This will save you from staying wet for a
    long time if you get wet.
  • Water bottles and eatables – you should never drain out of
    energy. So make sure you pack small eatables that make you stay full for a long
    time and of course, avoid junk foods! Don’t forget the water bottles, you will
    get a chance to refill it with waterfalls or rivers.
  • Wear comfortable clothes – here is another tip for the first
    time trekkers; always remember to wear comfortable clothes during the trek so
    that you don’t feel difficult to move your limbs. There is a chance for
    accidents while jumping or climbing with the wrong dress code.
  • Keep sweaters handy – once you reach higher altitudes, the
    temperature falls drastically. At some places, it may reach minus degrees. So
    to get a good night’s sleep in the freezing cold, you have to pack necessary
    sweaters and jackets.
  • Take your portable charger with you – this is important for the new generation trekkers. Obviously, chances for finding a charging slot in the
    mountains is zero. So it is wise to carry your mobile charger. Remember at high
    altitudes, there will be no coverage, so it is better to switch off your mobile
    phone to save charge.
  • Add a windcheater in your pack – this equipment will be useful
    if there is an unexpected rainfall.

It is very important for the newbies to follow every trekking tips to get rid of accidents. If you still have doubts don’t hesitate to clear it with your trekking guide. Get ready and welcome to the world of trekking!