Buddha beautifully said, “To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise; we shall not be able to keep our mind resilient and vibrant.”

Holidays are often the superlative times to really bond with family, friend, and relatives. Endless time, away from distractions like TV and nonstop chatting
over devices, makes for a good break to engage closely. Conversations as you walk in the silent beautiful lanes and chat amidst the quiet of a crackling bonfire, renew
old bonds and leave you with a sense of warmth you cherish and recall for years to come. It is these bonds that fill up our lives and gaps in us and make life worthy and happy.

When you travel, you leave many things behind. And when you trek, you leave your stress behind. How energizing it is; to be just you, with your backpack, sightseeing the wilderness; the wilderness within you, and the wilderness of nature... The fresh air, the no pollution area, and the like-minded company… Such satisfaction!!! Trekking is not only a worthy stress-buster or rejuvenates, but it can also be healing. Here are the best six reasons which elucidate why trekking is the best stress-buster:

1. Trekking Calm Down Your Mindset

When you trek, all your mental and physical energies are attentive on reaching your target. As you take steps and feel shattered, you become less aware of your thoughts
and more aware of your physical surroundings. Thoughts begin to evaporate and your mind starts to calm down.

2. Trekking Introduce Bigger, Mightier, And Beautiful Things

When you come across mighty mountains, freezing lakes, fascinating forests, thriving waterfalls or overflowing rivers, you get out of I-me-or-myself mode of the mind. You start to surprise beyond yourself. In such a mind, there is no stress, just happiness.

3. Trekking Teaches You Mindfulness

You are mindful of each and every step you take and the attentiveness of your atmospheres is heightened. Your mind becomes concentrated on everything you do and sense. And where there is mindfulness, there is no stress.

4. When You Trek, You Meditate

Trekking is a form of meditation. As you trek up a mountain, the only sound you feel is that of your breathing. There is nothing else in your head. Your complete attention
is on your breath and you keep on moving. There is no stress when you meditate.

5. When You Trek, You Introspect

Away from the daily chore and at a place where your phone doesn’t work, you get time for meditation in the peace and silent of nature. Knowing yourself is the opening
of the end of all stress.

6. Trekking Fills Your Heart With Joy

And finally, trekking makes you joyful and thrilled. You also feel an intellect of accomplishments upon reaching a mountain top. Standing on the top of a
mountain, your heart knows no bounds, only joy.

And last but not least to comprehend that we are only a microorganism in this big universe. So what are you waiting for? Tie up those backpacks and enjoy the real-life experience.

Happy Trekking!!!