Sometimes when you go on a bag packing trip or trek, then you might face this situation when you have to spend a night in your sleeping bag and your bag gets wet. It can make a very painful night until it gets dry. In that case, your camping experience can be uncomfortable or unhappy.

Here below are some tips and tricks to overcome this situation:

Gauge your situation – First of all, you have to check whether how wet your bag is, if only the cover is wet, it is okay and in the low-risk situation. You should use this bag as it is, and should get this dry in the sun during a rest stop because drying gear is a part of your guidance and instructions given to you before the trip.

However, if your bag is completely wet due to fell in the river or flash flood blew through your tent or may be due to heavy rain and you forgot to zip shut then it is not
normal. First, get this squeezed and get all the moisture out as much as you can and then wait to get this dry, however, please ensure that your bag is not torn at that time.

Bail Out Bag - If your bag is wet and you are only a few hours away from the town then your best stake would be to trek out and dry your bag in a dryer at a Laundromat, or motel, or so. It will take at least three hours to get this dry by a commercial drier. Else, your network is on and you have numbers of any such services nearby your track.
You can use this service because it is not the way if you get this dry by a campfire. It can be damaged though.

Ask for help in your group - In case if drier service is not available by all means then ask for your help in your group because there are a lot more resources available to you if you are not alone. Sharing your bag with someone else can also help you. In another way, you can put all your clothes and wear a jacket and roll yourself up in your tent, apart from this you can even put hot water bottles inside the cover as an additional heat source.

Survival approach when you are alone - If you are backpacking alone and you face this situation then better if you get this drying in town. If not possible then and you need to stop to sleep, in that case, the human burrito method is a good alternative. You can also make a fire but ensure that it is controllable. If you are backing alone then you must carry enough gear, clothing and other stuff like rain pants, fleece cap, gloves and insulated jacked as to overcome any such situation.

So in conclusion, I would say that above-mentioned tips or methods are really very helpful and useful while being in any such situation when your sleeping bag is wet.